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GMH-098 Run Flat Tire Machine: Simplifying Military Tire Changes

The GMH-098 Run-Flat Tire Changer Container Model from GM Defensive is a game-changer in military tire maintenance. It's designed to replace run-flat tires on armored vehicles quickly and reliably. This model is small, measuring approximately 6.5×2.5 square meters. Therefore, you can easily move and set it up in different locations. These locations include isolated areas and battlefields.

Easy to Move and Use

The GMH-098's small size makes it perfect for transporting to different locations. Whether you're in remote areas or on the frontline, this machine is ready for action. The tire lifting system of the machine is strong. It can be controlled with a remote. This makes it easy to handle tires and wheels.

run-flat tire machine

GMH-098 Run Flat Tire Machine: Optimal Mobility for Military Operations

Efficient Run-Flat Removal

This machine safely removes run-flat systems from heavy-duty tires. It uses safety ropes and hydraulic cylinders for a smooth, safe operation.

Simplified Wheel Handling

The GMH-098 makes it easier to work with multi-piece wheels. The design streamlines the process of removing and installing locking rims.

Safe and Easy Controls

Each equipped with emergency buttons, the GMH-098 ensures safety in all operations with a joystick and a remote control. It's built to be user-friendly, even in the most demanding situations.

Container for All Operations

You can perform all tasks, including installing, removing, and replacing run-flat and split rim tires, right inside the container. This feature makes the machine highly versatile for various military needs.

Benefits for Your Military Operations

Ease of Transportation:

Move it easily to any operation zone.

Quick Deployment:

Set it up fast in various environments.

Wide Use Range:

Suitable for different tire brands.


Simple controls with safety features.

Adaptable Power System:

Meets various international power needs.


Broad Tire Compatibility

The GMH-098 works well with Hutchinson run-flat inserts and many other tire brands. Adaptable, making it a valuable asset for different military vehicles.

The GMH-098 Run-Flat Tire Machine is your go-to solution for efficient and reliable military tire maintenance. Equip your military operations with the GMH-098 Run-Flat Tire Machine for increased efficiency and readiness.