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GMT-099: Advanced Mobile Run-Flat Tire Changer

Meet the GMT-099 from GM Defensive: A top-tier run-flat tire changer for defense companies. This mobile trailer model, combined with a container, offers an efficient and convenient environment for run-flat tire replacement. It's a perfect fit for organizations seeking a portable and comprehensive tire maintenance solution, enhancing tactical readiness and operational efficiency.

Mobile and Versatile Design

The GMT-099 trailer is designed for easy relocation and comes fully equipped and ready to be towed by a vehicle. It includes a complete set of tools, making it ideal for servicing military tires efficiently.

run-flat tire machine

Efficient Run-Flat Tire Machine for Removal and Installation

Run-Flat Removal

Run-Flat Installation

This machine efficiently and safely removes run-flat systems from tubeless heavy-duty tires, utilizing ropes and hydraulic cylinders for precision and security.

Quickly and securely install run-flat inserts into tubeless military tires for fast response in field situations.


Innovative Features for Enhanced Operation

This technology transforms how you handle multi-piece wheels. It makes the process of removing and installing locking rims straightforward and less time-consuming.

Split Rim Wheel Replacement

Simplifies the process of removing and installing locking rims on multi-piece wheels.

Dual Control System

Features a joystick and a remote control, both equipped with emergency buttons for safety.

Heavy-Duty Tire Lifting System

Facilitates easy movement of tires with complete wheels using a remote-controlled crane.

Convenient Container with Full Amenities

Container Storage

Enables easy installation, removal, and replacement of run-flat and split rims in military zones for enhanced mobility.


Provides a reliable power source, removing the requirement for any external electrical connections.

Air Conditioner

A heating and cooling system ensures a comfortable working environment in any weather.


Includes a high-quality air compressor for efficient run-flat tire maintenance.

Comprehensive Toolset for Efficient Maintenance

Full Tool Chest on Wheels

Offers easy access to all necessary tools.

Electric Screwdriver Gun

A portable, rechargeable tool designed for fast and efficient screwing and unscrewing tasks.

Air Inflator with Pressure Gauge

For accurate military tire inflation.

Benefits for Your Military Operations

Increased Tactical Readiness

Its drivable design allows for quick tire maintenance in field situations and combat zones.

Comfortable Working Environment

Equipped with air-conditioning for optimal conditions.

Comprehensive Toolset

Includes everything needed for efficient tire maintenance.

Maintenance Automation

Features like a hydraulic system, ring remover, lift system, and remote control streamline maintenance processes.

The GMT-099 Run-Flat Tire Machine is a strategic addition for any defense team, offering efficiency and reliability in maintaining military vehicles.